User Interface EBC app (iPhone)

I have been using the app for my rides (all outdoor) and I have a few suggestions for the user interface. They all revolve around being able to see the information on the screen and hear the alerts. There appears to be plenty of space to increase type sizes.

It also may be a bit hit and miss whether alerts are given consistently. But as I cant always hear them, maybe these just need to be louder. I have my phone on max but with wind noise … I don’t really want to have an ear piece in all the time.

  1. Option to have a white background.
  2. Option to change type colours, other that those in the ‘dial’.
  3. Increase the type size for all labels such as BPM
  4. Increase the type size for the next interval information ( I don’t take my magnifying glass out on my bike :grinning:)
  5. Increase width of the time to go bar and change to a bright green.
  6. Option to increase the volume of alerts.

Much appreciated if these could be incorporated.

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Continuing the above.
Concerning the infographic showing the workout intervals.
Could this use a moving window over the entire workout.
Scaling of the x and y axes to allow the interval length (x) to be exaggerated and power (y) to be reduced thus maximising the readability of the infographic.
Enlarging the text would be great as I can’t read it while riding - only just when not.
I don’t know what the little numbers are that appear because I can’ t read them.

Alternatively a mostly text based approach could be taken.
CURRENT NEXT (Target Power)
140 180
1:30 0:45 (Time To Go, Duration)

I know most of this information appears elsewhere ( see above requests) but it is way too small to read.


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