Usefulness of the forum

Is it just me, is it a ‘slow season’ or is (activity on) this forum actually fading?

If I remember correctly, it was intended to replace - or supplement? - the Facebook page/group.

I’m not on Facebook, so I can’t (don’t want to) check, but is there more activity there and is the attempt to shift away from that failing?

Both this Forum AND the FB group are pretty much inactive. Theres not much activity on either. The FB group is maybe slightly more active, but only because some coach keeps posting his Blog posts, which you actually have to pay for to view :thinking:

I see - I’ll adjust my visiting frequency accordingly :sunglasses:

It is disappointing but I don’t think having both the forum and FB helps. The forum is a lot better for searching and I for one think that should be the main focus.


+1 from me.

Both the Forum and FB remain quite active but the podcasts have really been the source for new users to get familiiarity with the software rather than asking questions. The software is also a lot more stable recently so less support messages on both.

Stay tuned for some new and exciting things coming. I would imagine we’ll see a lot more questions then. :slight_smile:


The android app and web server are spot on now :+1:

A new episode of the podcast will be due soon too yes ? :wink:

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The only activity I am really interested is spinning cranks not listening to them. :smiley:
Besides I thought we were supposed to be social distancing. :mask:

I think mid-fall usually has a bit of a lull in activity - many people finishing the outdoor season but not quite ready for trainer season yet.

Sorry Scott, but that seems a little out of reality. Well, at least from where I am.

Most people probably wish they’d be finishing the outdoor season right now.

I’ve been relatively lucky and have continued outdoors, but way less than normal, let alone any race or event took place…