Use Xert EBC iPhone app for an outdoor run workout without my Garmin watch?

Xert EBT iPhone app has been using HR data from my outdoor runs from Garmin Connect. My Forerunner 910XT just died. Until I get a replacement, since the app pairs with my HRM directly, is there some way that I can start a ‘Run’ activity, and the app will factor in my HR data without the use of a separate gps watch? If necessary, can manually enter the distance run, and since it will be a track workout today, elevation tracking is not an issue.

Hi Michael,

If using Xert EBC on Android, ensure you’re running the latest version… you will be able to switch your sport profile by tapping in the top right-hand corner of Xert EBC. Just pair your HRM and start an outdoor activity - you’ll be able to have the HR & GPS data (for pace/distance) recorded for your run. If using iOS, you can sign into your running profile by entering in your username|run for the username. Same thing… pair your HRM in the settings folder and then click the ‘Ride’ button (haven’t re-named it for running profile) to record your GPS data while you run. Should work just fine. Reach out to support directly if you have any difficulties with it! Cheers!

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