Use with Zwift

It’s really awesome to run Xert Workouts using the Edge 520 while riding in Zwift. Definitely makes the workout more interesting and fun. Of course, the visuals don’t always match the effort (since Xert is controlling Erg mode irrespective of whether you are going “uphill” or “downhill” in Zwift) but that’s easily overlooked. But, you end up with two slightly different data sets: 1. The data set that comes from the Xert player (or for that matter, the Garmin activity that’s created during a standard ride using the Edge) and 2.) the .FIT file that Zwift creates independently. The results of these two data sets are slightly different, possibly due to sampling differences or possibly other adjustments that Zwift adds (not sure about this). I would like to use the Zwift files because, if riding in “Richmond” or “London” you actually get a “map” of the ride (completely simulated of course) that’s no different than if you rode in those location in the non-virtual world. On the other hand, I want to feed the best data set to the Xert algorithms. Any recommendations?

If you analyze both, you may not find a material difference in the results.