Use Remote Player during Zwift race to indicate a breakthrough? Possible?

I am not sure if this is possible or not, but hopefully I can explain what I want to do.

I want to do a breakthrough attempt next week and rather than doing one of the breakthrough tests I thought I would try to achieve this during a Zwift race - or one of the Tour of Watopia events.

If I just ride as hard as I can for the duration, i will have no idea if a breakthrough has been achieved until it’s over.
I wondered if it was possible to get the remote player running within Xert to monitor the activity in Zwift (so receiving data & analysing it), but not controlling the trainer.
Then I can keep an eye on the power dial readout (not sure what it’s called) and see where my pink MPA line is, to hopefully push for a breakthrough.

Is this possible? The best way to do it? A stupid idea & would be better of doing something else?
Any advice gratefully received!

Not sure this will do what you want (I’m not a Zwift user) but it sounds possible with a combination of ANT+ and BLE along with the rainbow power gauge pop-out –

Link in earlier message is good. TL;DR, what works for me, which isn’t exactly what you describe but similar:

  • Zwift on Mac/PC using ANT+ w/dongle (they’re cheap!) for power, trainer control, cadence, HR
  • Xert on Android - Connect using Bluetooth for power only

Start a ride on Xert and enjoy/suffer! :slight_smile:

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Great. Thanks both.

Sounds like I need to run Zwift as normal (let Zwift control the trainer).
Open the EBC app, make sure trainer control isn’t applied and then load up a free ride workout.
This should then let Zwift and my pc control the trainer and Xert effectively just displays the metrics.

I’ll give it a try.

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yes correct.

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For me its exactly as tbsandie does it.

Zwift is all ant+ on pc, then xert is android with power-only via Bluetooth.

A few points,

  • workout selection doesn’t matter.

  • don’t accidentally turn on trainer control on the android while in zwift, as sometimes zwift won’t regain control properly without a zwift reboot.

  • set zwift in windowed mode, then open a browser and pop out just the gauges. I zoom on MPA only, and normally move it a little left to see power ups, then activate powerups using my phone:



If you have a Garmin head unit you can also load the XERT data fields so you can monitor your ride in real time


Thanks @mordy111 - no Garmin here. I switched to Wahoo a few years back. Nice tip though for users of compatible kit.

I have an old Android phone on my handlebar that I used to run EBC. Works quite well and can give you the same information. Others use an old iPhone or maybe even a small Amazon tablet