Uploading workouts onto garmin connect

Hello all, thank you in advance. Once a workout is completed, how do I best/simplest get the data onto garmin connect? As this is my training log/ activity log that I have used the longest. Also improve sleep and general health data etc. At present it’s lacking all of my training activity completed over xert.

I’m sure my request will have a simple solution…

Setting up the sync with Garmin Connect on the XERT-Website should do the trick:

That only sinks one way, rides recorded on garmin > xert. What I’m trying to achieve is xert workouts> garmin connect.

Sorry, I misunderstood.

Regarding sync xert to Garmin: Only a few apps can write to Garmin (not xert). If you are not recording your workout with your Garmin device, you may sync indirectly via other apps, e.g. xert->strava->trainingpeaks->Garmin.
See also: Garmin Connect: Sync Activities With Third-Party Websites | Garmin Customer Support

If you have Zwift run it at the same time as Xert & disable trainer control in Zwift.
Xert is controlling the trainer as normal but you have something else to look at and is able to upload to Garmin once done.
I do this for every indoor workout with Zwift on Apple TV & just delete the Xert workout from my phone instead of saving.

Sadly no zwift. Just xert and Spotify. All I need is some good tunes and I’m happy.