Uploaded activity not affecting fatigue

Did a 100km ride today (a weeks worth of riding) with 255 XSS and my fatigue is still ‘fresh’. Activity appears in Fitness Planner and can view detailed activity info but not showing in Progression. Relinked Garmin account to no effect. Any other tips or tricks?

If your status was fresh going into the ride and rode fairly easy, your training/recovery loads may indicate some freshness left before they move to Very tired. Depends on what they were before your ride. Not unusual.

Considering I was tired 3 days prior and the same ride last month made me very tired/tired for 3 days it’s unusual. The fact the ride doesn’t appear in the XMPC view points to a glitch with Xert. Just trying to point that bit out to them.

Thanks Jaron. At the moment, it doesn’t appear until either you get another day on your XPMC or you post another activity. It’s a glitch given we only show data from the start of the activity and the current day.

Thanks Armando. The ride was 2 days ago now and still not showing in XMPC. I’ve pretty much completed my weekly average in that one ride but Training Advisor is currently saying I need to ride 2.4 hrs. For info, Training Peaks app was showing a post ride Form of -31 and still -21 today. Really odd. I’ll update after I ride tomorrow.

We’ll have a peek.

Ok. It’s there now. That’s strange as it showed up as an activity but the XPMC data wasn’t calculated or shown on the chart. Anyhow, all this part of the software has been revamped with the new features so keep an eye out for any issues like this and let us know right away. Thanks for your persistence.

No worries. Looks good now thanks. Loving Xert (my wife more so because I’m not cranky tired from over training anymore).