Upload to Strave from Mobile App error

Hi, I’m trying to upload my activity from the mobile app to strava and I get the error “The file contains bad data”. I downloaded the .fit file and tried to manually upload and I get the same error. It uploads to xert online. My app version is 2.2.22(121)

Some cells (like MPA) allow you to add the data to the FIT file. Tap the cell and be sure to disable this capability for new recordings before uploading to Strava as they don’t yet support this capability. You can try and upload the existing FIT file to Garmin Connect and then export as as TCX for Strava. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if this resolves the issue.

Thanks for the prompt reply Armando. Garmin Connect > TCX > Strava worked. MPA field was disabled from the .fit file, I’ll check again to make sure it is off when I do my next activity.