Upload .fit from powercenter

Hi, when I upload a .fit from powercenter it doesn´t have the heartrate. It has it in all the other places I upload it. Garmin, Strava, Runalyze… Does anyone know why?

Is the .fit file originally coming from Stryd, or did the info get transferred to PC from Garmin (or another site)? If you didn’t upload the file directly from the Stryd (which wouldn’t have HR data), you should be able to sync it from GC to Xert to preserve that data.

Correct, if you follow Kyle’s suggestion and sync into Xert from GC, the HR data should be imported correctly.

The .fit comes from the stryd and it has the heart rate. I synced from GC and works fine but sometimes I use a suunto so I have to download from powercenter.