We rolled out some changes this morning:

  1. Planner should work more smoothly and consistently as well as fixes for Safari.
  2. Weekly stats should be easier to discern.
  3. New option under Planner Settings to “Summarize Days with Multiple Activities”. Some users have many activities per day and this option groups them together on the calendar.
  4. Mobile view has Training Status bar along the right side.
  5. Visual fixes and improvements on the planner to allow viewing on thinner displays
  6. Improved workout autogeneration for Endurance workouts.
  7. Improved display of different activity types.
  8. Changes to improve service performance and activity processing.

Unfortunately the planner now appears really broken - sorry.

@oldcyclist65 It is actually working here, but I had to log in using a private browser. I think it is a caching issue where you end up with a combination of the old and the new page.

@xertedbrain The XSS numbers are not properly sorted for values above 99.

I will also repeat my suggestion to use the circle around the XSS value to indicate the XSS breakdown (like a pie chart, but just the circle) instead of the vertical bar. You will then only have one vertical bar on the cell phone and you will save some space. And the colors are next to the value, so it is clearer.


Something strange seems to be happening with the fonts on the Training page as well…

If changes do not appear use Ctrl-F5 (or Cmd-Shift-R on a Mac) to hard refresh your browser page (clear cached page).

looks like it was indeed a caheing issue. I cleared the last 1 hour and it’s all looking good. Cheers

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You shouldn’t need to manually clear the cache. Looking into it… thanks.


We went with the matchstick concept because the terminology is often used in racing: “I burned a lot of matches”, for example. You’ll get a visual of this. Putting it on the circle is something we considered but it makes the appearance a bit busier.

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