Update to ANT+ on Android 10

Hey folks,

Just noticed while doing some testing on my Google Pixel 2 (running Android 10) that I’m FINALLY able to pair ANT+ sensors, using an OTG cable and ANT+ dongle. Not sure if there was a patch to Android 10, or updates to ANT+ drivers but this is exciting! I’ve been waiting a year or more for this! Can anyone else running Android 10 see if they’re also able to pair to ANT+ sensors?

Not sure why you had to wait until now, but I have been using a Pixel 2 with ANT+ for 2 years now.
I use the USB-C dongle that came with the phone and a Suunto Movestick Mini.
It was plug-n-play once I installed the ANT+ services from Google Play.

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Which is the ant+ service you installed? My Android was not working over ant but then suddenly had started working again.

I don’t know if all of these are required but what’s installed is –
ANT+ Plugins Service (ANT+)
ANT USB Service (ANT+)
ANT Radio Service (ANT+)
I also have the app called ANTtester (Quantrity)

My USB-C/ANT+ dongle/stick combo is this:

I tried using the standard USB-C dongle with Garmin ANT+ stick since I’ve had the phone, but it didn’t work once I updated from Android 8 to Android 9/10. I had installed the ANT+ Radio Service, ANT+ Plugins Service, ANT+ USB Service (as well as the ANTtester).

Just happened to test it out again the other day and suddenly it worked. Was curious to see if it would work for anyone else as well.

I’ve got a OnePlus 6 with Ant+ built in. It worked fine until I updated with Android9 then it stopped working. Mysteriously, after a couple of months, it started working again. I’ve been putting off updating to Android 10 as a result of my experience. I may try now.

Yes! I’m running my Pixel 2 with OTG/ANT + and it works great.

You guys have any recomendations for ANT+ USB sticks which are “suposed to work”. I have a Huawei P20 Pro and my current stick works fine with other android trainer apps like Rouvy. Using Xert I don’t “see” a single ANT+ device. Bluetooh connectivity with the Xert mobile app works fine.

I’ve been debugging this with @ManofSteele, at no avail. I’d like to try another USB ANT+ stick to see if that makes it work. I am now just downloading the ZWO files and train on zwift with them. I am missing out on the dynamic training bit in Xert.

Suunto Movestick Mini is what I used with the USB-C adapter provided with my Pixel phone (pictured above).

However, since BLE was updated in the Android app (currently v3.4.10.0) I have relied on BLE exclusively (trainer, HR, cadence, power).

Currently I do use an ANT dongle with USB cable on my PC.
I never considered using an ANT dongle on my mobile, since I was under the impression that the built-in ANT sender would be sufficient. But I do experience a lot of connection issue’s if I use the ANT connection together with Zwift. I understood that ANT should be capable of handling 2 connections for 1 ANT sensor but apparantly this is not stable.

Some questions:

  1. Gives an OTG cable with ANT dongle on Android more stable results?
  2. If I connect all my sensors with BLE to the Xert player should I still be abe able to connect to Zwift using the ANT dongle?
  3. Are there any other options I could try not mentioned here?

Thanks for your replies.

Gr Johan B

It is for me - I have the sturdy Tacx antenna and it easily connects to two programs on my PC.

Provided that your sensors have both, yes - also something I do very often.

Thanks Robert.
I am gonna give it try to then.

Gr Johan B

Be sure if you use BLE in the app and want to simultaneously record in Zwift, be sure that trainer control in one app or the other is disabled. When I do occasionally run workouts with Zwift, I use the Xert Mobile app (Pixel 2 using BLE) to pair power and trainer control. Zwift will then connect to Power, HR, Cadence via ANT+, and I’m always sure trainer control is disabled in Zwift. When I’m done training, I discard the Xert app workout and save the Zwift ride. Hope that helps!

I have no reason to believe we are implementing ANT+ any differently than rouvy would be. If you have access to another ANT+ stick, it might be helpful to try it out.

I haven’t experienced any issues using an old Garmin ANT+ stick I got with my first watch (Forerunner 325XT) and the USB-C to USB adapter included with my Pixel 2.

Thanks Scott. I use the same setup as you described.
Until now I only used ANT+ for the PC(Zwift) as well as for my Mobile (Samsung S10e).
That gave me a lot of connection drops and issues with power switching.

Tonight I decided to switch my mobile to BLE and left my PC using ANT+
After a few tests I succeeded to do a complete workout without issues.
So it looks I have a workaround for now.
Will try it some more the upcoming days and hopefully it keeps working :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention that - when I first did this, years ago, I quickly found out how confusing it is, if you’ve set your trainer to x Watts and then you hit an incline in Rouvy and that takes control :sunglasses:

From what you wrote, I figure you got it working smoothly.