Unrealistic tp

Screenshot_20170504-101221 Screenshot_20170504-101308 this was a race from last night. Threshold power was 310 before this now it’s 360. I could never hold that number for an hour. How can I fix this

Curious…did you change PMs by chance? Which PM do you have? Unless there is a change or a calibration error, you should not have to adjust your TP. If indeed there is an error, open the Activity Details page for the activity and go to the Advanced tab. At the bottom, enter the signature values from the previous activity (or what you feel would be more realistic) and Save/Lock the signature to the activity. This should reset things back to normal.

Ok thanks will try that. Pm is powertap p1 been using it for over a year with no issues

Yes. P1s are normally quite reliable. Definitely a data collection problem that caused the jump in TP. Monitor things for the next few rides.