Understanding Xert for appropriate workouts

Hey Team -

Firstly, amazing product. I’ve been at it a week and loving the structure and the actual workouts. The flexibility works amazing for real life and my body is responding well to it. In saying that, i’ve trained 7 days, the load is significantly higher than other training structures and the fatigue reg-o-meter doesn’t seem to be impacting although some of the workouts have definitely put me in a hole.

About me -

  • Are you running the 30 day trial or are you a subscriber?
    • Subscriber - 7 Days
  • What equipment do you have for training indoors and outdoors? (meter type, trainer type, bike type, bike computer or phone)
    • indoor: wahoo kickr core smart trainer. desktop PC and phone, Duo Assimo Power Pedals, Garmin HRM
    • outdoor: heart rate montior, speed and caedance sensor, Wahoo PC
  • Are you young (20-30s), older (60+), or in the middle? :slight_smile: (no need for exact age)
    38, m
  • How experienced are you with training by power? (newbie or X years using another platform)
    1 Season
  • Are you a recreational rider or competitive racer?
    Competitive Racer
  • What are your goals? (example, special event in 3 months or best fitness for riding this summer)
    best fitness for Crit Season - 25ish November
  • How many weeks or months of recent power data have you loaded into Xert?
    As much as it can take
  • What is your current star status? (example, 2 stars)
    3 Star
  • What Athlete type did you select? (determines focus duration target)
    Pursuiter / Breakaway Specialist
  • Which Improvement Rate (IR) did you select? (hours/week training load)
  • What TED (target event date) did you enter? (determines what phase are you in)
    25(ish) November, but thats placing me in prebuild, so Im in continuous.

Current Training/Riding is at 10.5-12 hours a week, which is already on the up. At moderate-1 its projecting 14.6 (from 10.5) and a TL of 117.1 (from 81.1). For a ‘moderate’ plan does that seem right?

With the work outs i’m not seeing any tiredness increase even though I’ve feeling the fatigue specifically legs than CNS. Is this just me being soft and should be handle more or are the calculations not right?

I dont want to blow myself up with too much fatigue, like doing 70% rather and 105% because the system said I was fresh and im out like a zombie for a week.

Hoping you can point me in the general direction so I can really get on this!

If you are in pre-base/continuous XATA will recommend a variety of workouts around your selected focus duration (athlete type).
If you set TED to 25 Nov Base phase will start in a few days. At that point the recommendations will all fall into the endurance range although some variety is included if you select Load More and view all twenty possibilities.

Can you provide some examples of workouts that drove you past the predicted form?
Status star color is calculated form as of now. Triangle color on the pacer needle is predicted form 24 hours from now.

Are you following a weekly pattern with easy, hard and rest days, or mixing outdoor and indoor rides as your schedule and weather permits?

IR is relative to where you start at. If you feel Mod-1 is pushing you too much switch to Slow IR or even Maintenance for a bit while you gain more experience with Xert.
If you were already at 10 hrs/week it will take a few weeks adjusting to structured workouts. IR controls both the training load hourly increase over time as well as the intensity of recommended workouts when your predicted form is fresh.
You are in charge of taking extra recovery day(s) when needed.
Use the Freshness Fitness slider if your recovery doesn’t match the predicted form.
Or play with the slider and watch what happens to XATA recommendations when you do.

You have plenty of time to get ready for your crit season. (Down Under I assume.)
I don’t complete but others may have advice on what type of workouts to consider most during your Build and Peak phases.
Enjoy the ride. :slight_smile:

Program Phases – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

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As @ridgerider2 says, ‘moderate’ refers to the improvement rate or ramp rate (how much training load increases each week) so it certainly doesn’t mean ‘easy’. It means training load goes up 2 points per week

Re: tiredness - listen to your body, and you can use the freshness feedback slider to get easier workouts. Xert doesn’t take into account other life stresses, and while there is some polarisation, their limit for delineating easy from hard is closer to anaerobic threshold (TP) than aerobic threshold. Their models assume no difference between generating 100 XSS from efforts at 95% or 65% of threshold when it comes to fatigue / recovery for example. While XATA would class the 95% TP workout as more difficult (eg 3.5 diamond vs 2 diamond), and so be less likely to recommend it when training load is low (below 2 stars), with a higher training load you can still be recommended those hard workouts quite often. Hence, listen to your body and adjust as needed.

Given you are already starting to feel fatigued, I’d consider moving the freshness slider a few points left to lower intensity for a week or so. If really tired, maybe take an easy week. I’d also start with base phase now, since most of the benefits of any high intensity you do now will be gone by November - no need crush yourself this far out. (Change the target date so you are in base… then move out to your real target date in a few weeks)