Understanding the limits of MPA

The main question “understanding the limits of the live MPA data field”.

So I’m rather new to xert but I’m not new to cycling or racing in general by any means, I have several months of data in the xert system for it to draw a baseline. Best way to describe myself is a casual rider who likes to ride with others and doesn’t touch that stuff many call training. Also my friends would say I’m pretty damn good at ultra-distance endurance events so sustained efforts are more my thing than all-out sprints. I race in zwift exclusively on a cruzbike recumbent mounted to a tacx neo if that means anything for the data, you can’t get out of the saddle on a recumbent :man_shrugging:

So in this video which happens to be my first live stream race, I added the MPA gauge in the upper left for my views but I don’t see it in game thank god because it did so odd stuff. For reference when I tested it two days prior I popped 15 mins into a 20 min TT right about the time my MPA dropped to 600ish. That made sense based on a few other people’s race videos and how they described how to read it. In this race though it seems ok for the first 20-30 mins or so but then you can start to see it getting into values you’d question are sustainable 500-600s. Then in the final sprint I exceed it and as I continue to do so hold like 600w it drops to 298 and just bottoms out there with still several seconds of sprint effort left. 1020w isn’t far off my highest recorded sprint of like 1100 a year ago so I don’t think it’s the result of xert not knowing my true sprint.



MPA won’t drop below TP - you got a BT I suppose, so the analysis will show your new signature. If you go back to show your old signature (Advanced MPA -> Previous), the yellow line will show your effort over MPA and you’ll see that MPA did not drop past TP.

Ok I didn’t realize it would just bottom out at my FTP. Still for someone who has been racing at this level for awhile I wouln’t expect such a breakthrough. I asked the same question over on the FB page and got some good help and learned about the current and previous signature tab which helps explain a lot. I wasn’t expecting such a MPA adjustment without effecting the max value, but I guess I didn’t give the algorithm enough credit.


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All your parameters (PP, TP and HIE) went up - kudos for a good result, but it will only get harder to repeat that :joy:

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