Understanding MPA

If you’re looking to get a better intuitive understanding of what MPA is, have a look at our latest blog: http://baronbiosys.com/understanding-mpa/

Interesting. However, I’m still not sure how to use MPA effectively. I can see the benefit in training to guide interval lengths, but how does it help me in racing, especially in TTs (my focus)? Would it be helpful to pace uphill sections (e.g. “don’t let MPA decline below xxx whatever the hill’s length”)?
Did you publish the MPA calculation? How to improve MPA? Starting point seems to be related to max sprint power, but gradient must depend on other data…other than HIE and TP?
The blog says “Apply your signature to Peter’s data and clicking the Extract button,…”. I guess you’re referring to the “Advanced MPA” tab available in a completed workout. Is there more information available how to use/modify (and why I should/could) the fitness signature in “Advanced MPA” and how to use the Refresh/Extract/Save buttons?

For pacing yourself you should use the TTE app with the appropriate setting you need (for example TTE 400w). If your fitness signature is correct it’s very accurate predicting how much time you have in the tank for that wattage.
MPA as HIE and other parameters could improve with training but there will be a limit that it’s strictly personal (or genetic). If you are a well trained athlete with MPA 1100 for example, you could improve…but not so much to became 1500…

Lots of discussions on this topic on the FB user group. MPA is everything so what you do in racing has everything to do with MPA… How to preserve it… How to use it. There is an older video on MPA Analysis that shows how the functions work.

Thanks, Nicola.
@Armando: no FB, sorry. Would be happy if you could provide all relevant information on your website as well. Thanks.

Lots of experts on FB. We’ll continue to add content to our website. Thanks.