Understanding FORM on Fitness Planner

I have been training in Florida. Doing my easy rides outdoors and High Intensity Rides on XERT indoors. Been trying rule of thumb of 2 easy and two hard on training with on weights workout per week. Feel fitter and have good HRV scores but planner always shows me tired? Please Help explain. Thanks

“Tired” is the label and the calculation is based on your XSS scores. “Tired” in Xert means that you’re fresh enough for low intensity work but not fresh enough for high intensity work. It only sees what work you upload/sync into your account.

Thanks Armando I have uploaded all my workouts. Please explain how changing the time constants in profile will change freshness rationgs

We’re working on a blog/faq on this. For the moment, I would suggest you leave them as their defaults.

Thanks will do as advised!

Same point with me, same question. Xert told me, i‘m very tired and i should change my improvement rate. But on my plan (from Trainer), there was an intense Workout, i could finish with a breakthrough… I‘m certainly not fresh and load is accumulating (as it should) but it‘s been a while since my last „all out“-Training. I‘ve uploaded all my cycling data from the last 4 years, but wasn‘t riding with powermeter all the time and was Swimming and Running too… so i think my Body can handle more Stress than Xert calculates…

Agree Nik!

We’re considering an new feature that will help address this. For the time being, be sure to use the “Load More” and choose workouts with greater difficulty. You can also override the advice by going to the Workout Library directly and simply choosing a workout. As your Training Status improves, it will begin to better reflect what you can handle.