Under the cover changes

Last night we rolled out some significant changes, although you probably haven’t noticed anything. Some of you may have encountered some issues (but hopefully these have been resolved by now).

Having spent many years in the corporate IT world where these types of system and software updates take months of planning, tons of meetings and often employ large teams of IT professionals, I’ve had my share of exposure to what we had to do last night. They are never completed without major hurdles and challenges. Often times, these are so costly that they are avoided and the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” becomes the norm. As an end-user, you often don’t see this as being an issue. The services still work and you’re ok. But as time goes by, you’ll see fewer and fewer updates. When it comes to systems and software, sometimes you have to fix things so that you can continue to innovate at a reasonable pace. At Xert, we don’t want anything to get in the way of all the great things we want to do.

The updates we performed last night will help us scale and improve our ability to deliver our services to you today and well into the future. It was a huge update and all things considered, it has gone faster and smoother than expected. We have a very strong team and we were able to tackle this project without incurring the costs and challenges that one would normally expect. We have a lot planned for Xert and these changes will allow us to move more quickly in bringing these new features to you.

For those that have had some issues, we’ve appreciated your patience and assistance. If you are seeing anything strange in your data or if your pages aren’t responding, send us an email at support@xertonline.com and we’ll address them.

Happy Xerting and thank you!



I’m block with this message for a long time. Can you help me or i must write a mail ?

Thanks a lot

Might have gone smoothly as far as you are concerned but personally I’m extremely annoyed and still have issues.

This enough unhappyness and stress that I’m seriously considering cancelling my subscription.

It took me over an hour to get the workout player to run today so then I had to cut my training short and now the 1 hour 45 minutes I did do can’t be downloaded so I can’t put it in TrainingPeaks and WKO.

Training Advisor is not working and there is not fitness signature for 3 activities. I have contacted support.

I have reset my account and the message continue it’s insane… Help me please

Please kindly use our support email address so that someone can look at this? Thank you!!!

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Not necessarily related to the update, but anything to report on the Endurance Energy front?


Hi Brandon. It’s an important piece of our evolution! The challenge isn’t doing it but doing it right. Complexity increases dramatically with it.

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