Unable to upload workout?

I’m trying to upload a .fit file from my Garmin Fenix 5X as I’ve done many times in the past. When I upload the green progress bar quickly fills and the file shows as if it is uploaded. When I go to my activity dashboard however there is no file there. Is something wrong with the file upload functionality?

Hi Thayer. We’re looking into an issue at the moment. Hopefully it won’t be long.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Working again

Not where I am it’s not.

May have spoken too soon. My fitness signature is now drastically different than it was earlier today with the new workout uploaded. There were no breakthroughs or anything in the file that should have changed my signature or progression. Is there something else going on that would have affected my signature/progression? I deleted the ride and was going to re upload it to recalculate the progression but now the delay seems to be back…

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 8

We ran a progression recalculation using 1000, 20, 220 as the starting point. Breakthroughs are a bit sparse and small but otherwise should give you a good starting point. Look to generate breakthroughs at a variety of intensities to have the software hone in on your appropriate numbers.

Understood but my FTP had decayed to 241 overnight a couple of nights ago. Yesterday I did the stuck in the middle 60 workout and it jumped to 244 and just now I logged in and it is up to 245. Seemingly for no reason. There were certainly no breakthroughs in my workout last night. My HiE also dropped significantly by 30-40%. Any ideas?

Check your Decay Method. Original is the default.

It is original and hasn’t been changed… it feels almost like something in the methodology changed given it is literally the exact same data that is yielding a materially different FTP, Pmax and HiE. The couple points on FTP doesn’t seem like a big deal but the cutting by 30% or the HiE obviously has big implications when calculating MPA live on the road.

Just checked and everything seems to look pretty good right now. You may have just been experiencing some affects from a backlog of processing we had yesterday due to the media coverage on GCN. That’s all been processed now so you should be fine. Your progression looks good and there are no jumps in your signature numbers. If you are still concerned, send a note to support@xertonline.com.