Unable to Delete Workout

I am unable to delete a workout - Rock and Roll Endurance - from the Remote Player. The workout does not show in my Planner. I don’t know what I did to select it in the first place. Thanks in advance :+1: Anthony

The Remote Player reflects the last workout selected as shown under Training, Recommended Workouts, Selected Workout.
Once that is changed you can restart the player to reflect the new selection.
The Planner can be used for what-if scenarios to assign workouts in advance, but daily selections may change from what is planned.
Workouts can be selected while viewing them from the Workouts library (click on a column other than the title or chart) or while viewing the details in Workout Designer.
Otherwise the normal procedure is to view the Recommended Workouts list and select from the top four shown or click Load More to view all twenty recommendations. Or you can use Filter to change the list such as adjusting duration if you have more or less time to train today.


Excellent!!! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: