UI Aesthetics

Are there any plans for a UI overhaul? The core product is, in my opinion, brilliant. So much so I upgraded during my trial in order to contribute financially. However, the UI is a little ugly and, I appreciate form must come before function, but a nicer looking interface would draw in more users.

Any roadmap for development focus?



+1 from me

+1 too. The UI is too clunky. For example, there is a link to Improvement Rate in the training pane that takes you to the glossary explanation, but finding out how to change the Rate is another matter altogether, it takes too long. Why not be able to change the rate in the linked page?

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You don’t see the Goals button available from any page?

Are you suggesting Candy Crush or something else entirely? :slight_smile:
Do you ever change the default field settings or leave them as is?

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I have the fields changed on my workout page

I’m here for the training, not the eye candy. I’m all for an UI overhaul if it would bring in more money to pay for other development, but I would never prioritise “nice looking” over function. I assume there are other things on the todo list than aesthetics.


I agree with you about function is the absolute priority. Xert is amazing however I am sure making easier to use would attract even more users to the platform. For one, I think the learning curve is quite steep and really have to dig to learn the ins and outs; it should be a lot easier. In the end, it is a call for continuous improvement and not neglect the power and benefits of great UI, easy to understand and use.


Whichever platform or tool you chose, there’s a learning curve. Xert is on par with WKO and others like that - simplicity is found with Garmin or Strava.

Complicating factor for many coming to Xert, is that they are ‘used to A or B’, are stuck in the ‘old ways (FTP)’, or come from nowhere and get blown away, because, as you pointed out, there’s a (steep) learning curve.

Not much Xert can do about that, although also Xert has been expanding and changing so rapidly, that the tools to better understand it where falling behind.

Enter the podcast :sunglasses:

As to the UI: the app is functional, as is the player, or at least for me. The webpage with the analysis is a bit messy and not easy to read.

The connection with Garmin (IQ) is in potential a big plus, but Gamin turns it into a nightmare.

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Ive started going through the podcast from the start and it’s been a big help in understand all the mechanics behind the scenes and how best to use the software. Definitely would recommend for new users.


I have started to go to the gym for workout and training and its feeling good to be ready for the competetion.

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