UCI Hour World Record - Filippo Ganna

Two time UCI World TT Champ Filippo Ganna is attempting to break the hour record this weekend. With ideal conditions, some estimate him to surpass 57km and break Chris Boardman’s ‘Superman’ record!

What sort of fitness signature do you think would be required to achieve this? He’s been known to hold 460W for an hour previously! :exploding_head:

Link to relevant article below:

in the tt position i imagine it would be 440 watts like Bradly Wiggins

See the article… more like 460 W! That’s insane power from a very aerodynamic position!

he is a big lad though so a high cda

Power is more important than weight when it comes to riding on the velodrome. I imagine there could be some very strong bigger riders that could challenge this.

That’s actually a good point too since it’s not just about power (and little about weight). Being big also creates additional drag and that increases with the cube of speed.

yep his cda is somewhat hmmmm. My son thinks he’s going to do it though. Me - I’m not so sure.

Dan Bigham’s CdA was reported to be around 0.15, which is already stupidly aero…

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He did it!

would love to know his CdA for the effort. His pacing was something else also, negative splits to the last few minutes… if motivated he probably could go past 57. There are those that say he is one of the few who could pull this off, I think it will stand for some time due to the power required, the level of support and money spent on this attempt.