Two questions

Hi i’m training syncing every outdoor activity (wich i do most since in the southern Italy, where i live, weather is mostly fine), i made only few indoor rides and did’nt follow any particular program, but next year i will since i’m now getting into deep with understanding training with xert.
I have two questions:
First one is that i’m having difficulties trying to make breakthroughs, both indoor and outdoor, I don’t know if i’m missing something, the only thing i did last week i put to NO DECAY method since i was in a week off for holydays (but i made some open water swimming anyway), than returned to optimal decay. Is it possible that some data made an overestimation of my parameters? Or my parameters (TP 268w, PP 1142 and HIE 25.1) are correct and just have to be confident and push hard as i can.
The second question is, my event date is 1st september and is a race with 240km and 5600mt positive gradient (Oetzaler Radmarathon) i’m in the peak phase of training (or should be) but i keep on having endurance training suggested in the advisor,(is this correct) i’ve selec ted Century rider but as athlete type but i think i’d rather select climber due to the kinf of event, is this correct?
Thanks for the answers

Hi Andrea,

I think I can provide some insight for you. First of all, if you look at your year-to-date XPMC, your training load and Threshold Power have tracked identically. But, you might have noticed that your training load has plateaued in the past couple of weeks. This means that your improvement has also plateaued. If you plan to continue pushing your fitness signature up higher, you’ll need to increase your training volume (either increase the time, increase the intensity, or both).
You can switch your athlete type at any time. Switching your athlete profile to climber will also provide a little more variety in terms of suggested workouts on high intensity days.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much