Two questions TIA

  1. I am away this weekend with my wife, and have tried to set the planner at 4 days well earned rest. However every time I update it resets and schedules training for the days we are away, why is this and how do plan a long weekend off the bike or rest week?

B) Secondly I recently uploaded xert mpa and power on to my Garmin 530, in the hope chasing breakthroughs outside over the summer months. It automatically sets my MPA at 1200 and I cant find a way to manually adjust or link to my account. Am I missing something, is there a way to correct MPA to accurate goal.

any help with these tow issues would be appreciated.

The simple way would be to ignore the forecast entries and they’ll disappear the next day similar to doing something different than the forecast workout.
Run Adapt Forecast when you return to training.

Turn on your 530.
Open Garmin Connect on your phone and tap the 530, then Activities Apps & More, Data fields.
Tap each data field, select settings, and ensure your Xert login credentials have been entered for each field that requires it.
When the data field is displayed on the unit you should see a green dot indicating a successful sync with XO.

thank you ridgerider [quote=“ridgerider2, post:2, topic:44252”]
Xert login credentials have been entered for each field that requires it.

I think this is the bit I’m missing, it never asks me to sign in and i cant find where to sign in. And this will be why I have a orange dot in the corner.

any further help

On Garmin Connect you should see something like this. (May look different on iOS.)

Installed fields:

Select one:


You can alternately connect the unit to a PC, run Garmin Express, select device, IQ apps, then the 3 dots button to enter your Xert credentials.

Brilliant that worked, thank you. Not that’s working might look at the other Xert apps/data screens.

Which of the other Xert app data screens may be useful for mtb racing?

Thank you again

Apologies to ask again, does this need to be repeated every time? Managed to get the dot green once, every time since it has remained orange. Phone and Xert still logged in, nothing has changed.

Thank you

On my Garmin it tries to update the Xert fitness signature when I start the activity. So the phone with internet access has to be connected to the Edge at that time. And it usually takes a while and they seem to update one after the other, I have three Xert fields on my Edge.
So it can help to start a fake activity first while not moving and having Edge and smartphone in proximity to one another with good mobile reception or WLAN. And when everything is green just stop and discard the activity. Then when you start the real one on the bike and go the data is already correct. I do that sometimes.


That is what I have found. Start an activity and it all springs into life.