TTR and TTE fields on iOS

So thrilled to be able to use the iOS app to track outdoor rides and see MPA, focus and XSS live. I mount my phone to my bike and it’s great to be able to hit my recommended XSS for the day as well use MPA to motivate me to push myself towards fitness breakthroughs.

I recently watched your YouTube video that showed how to use focus, TTR, and TTE to freestyle a workout and I’m wondering if there is a way to access TTR and TTE information through the iOS app’s “RIDE” interface. If there is no way currently, could these/this fields/functionality be added?

Looking forward to your response!




I 2nd your request to add TTR and TTE to the IOS APP. I would say this information is more important to have then the XEP and Difficulty data fields if there is a limit in the number of data fields for that screen.