TTE with connect IQ is not even close

I updated my fitness signature and loaded the latest connect iq code into my 920xt this am. It was showing my TTE was 2:06:59 @330w… How is this possible when my TP is not even 330w? Shouldn’t this number change with time and work produced? MPA is also not changing… There is no way if i ride @ 80% of TP for 2 hrs would i ever be capable of PP numbers. MPA should drop extremely fast the longer you produce power over TP and duration of riding.

Hi Tim. Can you let us know your configuration for the TTE app? We recently updated the app and will need to ensure there are no errors in calculation. MPA and TTE values should update every second. MPA actually drops relatively slowly at first and accelerates its decline as your fatigue progresses.

GarminExpress GarminExpress_FATCARBS_Settings GarminExpress_MPA_Settings GarminExpress_TTE_Settings GarminExpress_Version

Any head way on TTE calculations in connectIQ?

Hi Tim, sent you a note offlist. What is the value of TTE when you first start the app? Your TTR power is set quite high so please check that the 2:06:59 wasn’t referring to your TTR value. Your TTE value cannot increase. If it is, then we’ll need to address that. We’re not seeing this with our testing.

Armando, I replied to your email.

So looks like the signature FTP and your TTR power were set very close. Try updating your Xert Code to your latest. Also, it is better to use a target power that is at least your 20 minute power. Powers closer to FTP will be affected by longer-term fatigue mechanisms such as carb depletion.

OK… will try new code, but with same settings… I still want to have a target max watts for TTE and recovery watts TTR. How close they are to FTP shouldn’t matter if calculations are correct.

Ok… Updated my signature the other day and updated my connectIQ code. The TTE calculations are still off. TTE time should decrease as activity time increases, whether or not you are at TTE target watts. Example: If i ride at 275w for 2hrs, my TTE @330w should not read the same as a it did at “0” minutes into the ride. There is no way 2 hrs into a ride that i could then hold 330W for 1:12:47 as the app suggests. It’s not possible if my TP is 325w.

The app today reflects your abilities when you are fresh. You maximum possible TTE. Surpassing this TTE will give you a breakthrough. If you are tired from a long ride or you just don’t have it that day (one can’t always hit their best fitness on each ride … would be great if we could!), this will be hard (impossible?) to reach since it is a reflection of your absolute max. You’ll need to get fitter to beat it so don’t get discouraged.

There are newer changes that are coming that will look to adjust your TTE/MPA over long activities. This requires that we account for “long-term fatigue”. Today we don’t account for it because, frankly, it’s very hard to do. We have a model for it and will be including it in the analysis in a future release. (We’ll be introducing a new Fitness Signature parameter called Endurance Energy which will account for long-term fatigue and adjust MPA/TTE accordingly. Stay tuned…)

So you are telling me that TTE is only good for FTP testing… Not an indicator of at any point during an activity when you produce 330w or more you have x time until exhausted??? If that is the case then this feature is only usable 1% of 1% of the time…

I can understand your concern Tim. I think once we resolve your other data issues, you’ll be able to get the same benefit and success others are getting with the app and software. All our features are dependent on an accurate Fitness Signature and incoming power data. Outside of very long activities, the results are pretty uncanny for most users and bring to light areas that they may need to work on. HTH.