TTE not working ?

Hello, its been several weeks I am trying to make TTE to work properly (or how is properly in my mind). Currenly my signature is 1302/29,3/204. I set up TTE data field in Garmin, and set up only the first parameter to 350. When I start to push hard, TTE start do decrease, OK, but very slow. My MPA starts to decrease (unfortunatelly very fast :-0) until i reach a BREAKTHROUGH. If I see TTE, it still is 5 ou 6 minuts, and dindt really decrease. In my mind, if you reach exaustion, whatever the power you defined, TTE must be 0 or close to 0. Am i wrong ? Am i doing something wrong ? I misunderstand the TTE data field ? Thanks in advance.

Hi Pablo, Great question! You can still get a breakthrough and have TTE much higher than 0. TTE set to 350W tells you the amount of time left before MPA reaches 350W. MPA may have been 700W during your breakthrough so you still some TTE left before you get to 350! 350W is very deep and will be a big challenge to reach (very painful) based on your fitness signature. It will feel like near the end of a 20 minute FTP test. :frowning: to reach 350W.

Thanks for the answer. The problem is that my breakthrough moment was at 240 of MPA. I assumed that to reach 240, MPA was 350 in a moment of time, and therefore TTE 0. I have never seen TTE less than 4 minutes actually.

Normally not possible unless your settings are setup incorrectly. Are you seeing 350W TTE on the Garmin field title? Is the status dot green so that it has updated the signature? Check those.

Hello. The dot was not green actually. I changed the value and waited the dot to be green. Now TTE seems to be much real to the time until breakthrough. Thnaks. But now i was curious about your comment “350W is very deep and will be a big challenge to reach (very painful) based on your fitness signature”. This is my last break Xert and MPA is 270W. Is there something wrong ? Or I am just reaching the “very painful” moment you mentioned based on my fitness signature ?? Thaks.

Great effort. Going that deep isn’t easy or common.

Its only the first effort of the day, later imposible to reach that number. Thanks