TTE datafield doesn't work with others than the default values

The Garmin Connect IQ TTE datafield doesn’t work any more in a Garmin Edge 530, If I Change the default values (500 W for TTE, 0 W for TTR). Ist this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Nobody using this datafield?

I’m using the TTE datafield and I had no problem changing it from the default then again when I wanted to raise it. Are you making the change in Garmin Express? That is what I did and it worked fine.

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I was changing the values in the Connect Android App. Maybe this ist the Problem. Will try Garmin Express.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I tried Garmin Express and it worked! I First saved the values and reopened the settings, where I found the values given in scientific Notation. I changed them to integer and then it worked!

Once you change the settings in the Garmin Express / Garmin Connect Mobile, you should switch rider profile (i.e. Race to Indoor) and then switch profile back. This forces the datafield to refresh/update the settings.

I did this when I was trying it with Garmin Connect! But it did not work. My Impression is, that there ist an issue with number formating when using Connect.

But I am happy now what it worked with Garmin Express.
I would mark this topic as solved or something, but I don’t find any possibility tondo something like this.

You can also try with Garmin’s new ConnectIQ app. It seems to be hit or miss among Garmin’s stuff. Some people it wont work with GCM, but will work for the ConnectIQ app or Garmin Express and vice versa. Glad it’s updated and working for you now. Cheers!