Is there any way to estimate what xss for what a given Zwift workout would be? Example today showed the workout at 95 TSS, I clocked in 140 xss, I know they are different but just trying to understand if there’s any way to correlate the two when planning rides


You can import workouts sourced elsewhere (ERG, MRC or ZWO) and view in Workout Designer with your signature applied.
Importing will SMARTify the intervals during import (XSSR, MMP) and you can ride them that way using EBC for trainer control and Zwift paired to power only.
Imported workouts are added to your Personal folder with the usual attributes including Duration, Focus, XSS, Difficulty, and Suitability.

Interesting idea - where do you find the ZWO files for a zwift workout? (not one ive already done)

Haven’t been on Zwift in quite awhile, but I found this post on their forum –
Need to be able to export Zwift workouts - Feature Requests - Zwift Forums