Trying xert again. how to interprete the planner with block-based improvement rate periodization?

hey all… especially Scott and everyone at Xert!

I went through a couple years with a coach… and now i can’t afford it. I do believe in Xert and i want to give it all my dedication for this coming season.

I have a fairly inconsistent training history since september 2021 (when i took a 1 month vacation and stopped paying for coaching) so my ftp has fallen from 300 to 250. but I tend to believe that I am in a place where i can recover that fitness faster than XATA seems to think is advisable. I have set the freshness feedback up to +10 and the improvement rate to Aggressive -1.

My question is… Is it a waste of time to use the planner since I don’t necessarily know for sure that the aggressive -1 improvement rate goal will be good? and i have my freshness feedback at +10 because I currently feel that I can handle more XSS/week than my recent training history would suggest due to my last two seasons. but i don’t necessarily know where my freshness feedback will be at in 2 weeks. Is the adaptive training adviser used in the planning future workouts still providing recomendations based on my current freshness feedback?

If your TL is underestimated, you may not be getting enough stimulus at the improvement rate you have set. You can increase Freshness Feedback to compensate but better you include all your training first, then adjust FF.

A technique you can employ is simply to ride when you can but monitor your Training Status. You can watch your Surplus/Deficit but look to keep moving the needle but the key is to overreach but not overtrain. You don’t really need to plan unless you have other stuff that you need to work around and plan out your days to fit other obligations. If you have free time, use it for training. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Yeah sounds like you agree that the planner isn’t really necessary. I will be much happier to just fill my free time with training. As much as feels good each day.

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