Trying to get the most from the Xert Workout Player for Garmin IQ in outdoors

I find 9 fields to configure the Xert Workout Player, but I am not sure of the effect during outdoors training (ok, neither for indoors). While “Wheel Circumference” is rather obvious, Powermatch, Remote planer enabling, GPS enabling etc. have non obvious results, I guess. After training I find several calculated fields in Garmin Connect and some of them may not make sense to me. There is a clear tutorial on how to configure the App and the effect of the different variables on the recorded results? Thanks!!

You shouldn’t need to make any changes to the configuration settings under normal circumstances. For Outdoor training, you can set GPS to ON within the settings or within the app.
To save on battery, you can also disable the Remote Players (again you can do this on the device and don’t need to use the settings on the app). The configuration settings are there mostly for troubleshooting issues that you may be having. If you’re not having any issues, then you can just leave them unchanged and make your configurations within the app itself.