Triathlon support

I looked at xert years ago, and at that stage it needed multiple accounts for triathletes, and quite a bit of external calculations so went with another triathlon training app. xert still appeals, and so I am wondering how integrated triathlon is these days? Is there a document, or forum, or review, or paper, or even a user who uses xert for triathlon training? Thanks.

No there’s still no multisport integration within the system.

It might be coming soon for all I know. Perhaps @ManofSteele or @xertedbrain could provide an update.

No update guys?

We have some updates that are being tested! No ETA for official release, yet.


Do you need any testers? I have 4 triathlons planned this year. I have some hard limits on my running intensity and durations due to some old running injuries, but would help if I could.


I use Xert to monitor load & tiredness and will be using it more as I get into my build phase for my races.

I currently use my bike account as my main training account. I take the stats from the running account (duration, XSS, type of run, etc.) and manually add the run. I’m not sure how much Xert takes that info into account, though. My off-season training has consisted of following Garmin Suggested runs & bikes, so I can’t comment on how Xert handles the different sports’ loads.