We can only pick the one workout with the trial, right?
Tried it on the Android app. Did not seem to keep up with the interval - duration kept ticking, interval timer did not.
I’d love it if it worked on desktop, much easier for trainer sessions than Garmin/Android.


Try our Remote Player which will display on your desktop browser. It’s super cool.

Did you SELECT and START the workout? Do you have a power meter configured on the SCAN menu?

Appreciate the remote player. The issue is jumping on the bike with limited time and completing a workout, that is probably easier with a fixed machine than a mobile BT connection. The wahoo k. Was configured, think I pressed start…Will try again. The people with the kit and desire to try the app may benefit from a more complete trial.
Best wishes, m

Update the app before your test.

Those with compatible Garmin’s don’t need anything. Just hop on the bike anywhere and you can ride or do a workout, both indoors or even outdoors. If you’re indoors, just open the remote player and you can watch your workout over Zwift or a YouTube, movie, news, etc. Your coach can watch your workout. WIth the Garmin you can get our metrics in real-time on the device, such as MPA. Much more value to offer you as an athlete than having to rely on having a PC in sight. :slight_smile:

One issue that is in no way your fault but it is the stuff that needs to work is my phone seems to have a bit of a known issue with bt connections and Garmin. I need to re-start the phone to get a connection some times.

So I have managed one successful ride with a Gamin Edge 520 - It took me a little time to figure out I wanted the sensors but not the trainer. The only problem was the speed (distance) was taken from the speed+cadence sensor not the trainer so I had to edit the workout in TP and let it be wrong in Strava.

Today I tried with my Edge 1000 - Got an HTTP error on the login screen. Could not fix that and did want to do the workout I’d chosen, not the trail one loaded on the edge.

Tried to use the app - It would not recognise my heart rate monitor. Went for it anyway. started the activity and the workout. App crashed after about 20 min but restarted in the right place on the workout. Got to near an hour and the workout stopped playing - possibly as it needed HR or Cadence data to set the intensity? (Just a guess) Timer kept moving but “remaining” would not b udge. Tried pausing, un-pausing.

I also do not see how to get a workout in Xert online to upload to TP or Strava.

I have seen the below note about “GCM and check the “Logout” checkbox and retry, does this resolve your issue?” - and that works - so I should be OK to use the garmin again next time - Do you have a tip on resolving the speed issue I experienced? The data is saving the speed from the Garmin CS10 (Zero) rather than the trainer.

My biggest concern for you guys is this all feels a bit like programming the timer on a VCR in 1980. I really do like the workout structure enough to keep trying maybe I’ve been unlucky…I’d love it if things were a little more obvious and foolproof.


The GCM logout issue is being looked at by Garmin. Once that get’s resolved, using your Garmin should be pretty easy. We’ll have a look at the Xert Mobile issues to see if we can pick up on what happened. Android is tough as there are many variations to accommodate. Fortunately, most don’t have any issues. Be sure you don’t have too many apps running as the Android OS will close our app automatically.

Wrt speed issue, this one’s with Strava and we’re working with them to resolve.

There’s no way to sync from Xert Online to TP or Strava. Our Garmin app will save to Garmin Connect. Xert Mobile will save to Xert and Strava. You can download your FIT file from Xert Mobile and upload that into TP or any other program.

All software has various issues every so often but once you figure out the method that works without issue, you just keep doing the same thing. We feel our software is worth the time to do this as it is quite a bit further ahead than the alter natives out there. Once you start doing smart workouts more and more, doing the old style workouts will feel like time wasted.

Thanks for the quick reply. I am hopeful I can get there with the Garmin device.

I do like the workouts and am looking forward to becoming familiar with the garmin app. My main use is indoor but I can totally see how it can help get more out of outdoor ridding in the hills or in a group.

Please do keep improving the UI for me :slight_smile:

Thanks. Couple of questions: were you using FE-C trainer without a powermeter? In order to use one without a power meter, it would need to be configured as Power + Trainer Control, and Powermatch turned off. Also, what hrm are you using that it wasn’t recognized?

Yes Whaoo Kickr this time I also use a spin bike with p1 pedals sometimes.

Garmin run HRM -


Is your phone ANT+ compatible or are you using an ANT+ USB stick with an OTG cable? Your Garmin is ANT+ only.