Trial user - poor initial data upload experience


I just opened a free trial account and tried to manually upload 3 months worth of individual ride data files (24 total), as directed by the app. However, when I clicked the finish button, I got a ton of messages saying that free users can only upload once per week. Then I looked at my calendar and saw that only my most recent data file had been successfully uploaded. I have to say that this is a very poor user experience. I wasted a lot of time downloading the files from trainer road and then uploading them back to Xert.

We are very sorry to hear that Sam. This is obviously not intentional. We’ll have a look to see what may have happened. Perhaps your trial period wasn’t setup correctly.

Hi Sam. Yes your account was not fully setup correctly. We’re looking into the source of it as it is sporadically happening. We’ll keep an eye on it for other users so we appreciate you providing feedback. Your account should be setup correctly now. If you have any issues whatsoever, please email us at and we’ll be happen to assist.