Treshold power from 179 to 215!

  • My TPP was 179
  • I’m in the base period
  • Moderate -1
    Today I did a workout (18 times at 80% of my FTP)
    I felt good during this workout, the sun was shining … and I pushed harder.
    My MPA went down from 900 to 171. I reralized a bronze breakthrough.
    Now I see that my FTP went up from 179 to 215 !! Is this normal?

What is your TL status stars count?
When was last BT?
Go to activity details and click Previous button to view how long you exceeded MPA and whether any power spikes occurred during the ride.
If you feel the increase is excessive you can flag the activity or adjust, save/lock, and move forward from there.

TL: 3 full stars
Last BT: a week ago (bronze, no change TP after)
This ride I felt very good (could even more).

It looks like you old TP was set too low. I imagine you can increase it even more by trying an all out effort.

Your Hight Intensity Energy looks a bit high, while your TP low.

When I am comparing to myself I am 44 years and I have a 21.1 kJ HIE and a 317 W TP. I guess it is likely that your HIE is set too high at the expense of TP because you have not done enough longer efforts.

I would suggest you find a longer (>15 min) steady hill and try riding up it as fast as possible. Or a longer flat road where you can try to hold a steady power for 20-30 min. Make sure the new power output is above your current TP.

The HIE correction looks valid from overstated 29.x to a normal range of 14.x for a PP around 900.
Based upon the Previous chart you were definitely due for a TP bump, but the algorithm likely overshot the mark due to power spikes while MPA was drawn down. Do you remember jumping like that during the effort?


You can flag the activity to remove the signature adjustment or adjust to what you think is a more reasonable number (190-195?) and Save/Lock.

Reference –
Dealing with Strange / Invalid Data – Xert (
Are there errors in my Fitness Signature? – Xert (

I understand your reaction. I’m worried that:

  • as an user for several years
  • listening to the proposed trainnings by xert
    this suddenly can happens. Now manually adapting my frp???