Is Xert usefull for triathlon training? Since everything is calculated for cycling, it has sense to use Xert parameters in a Cycling race but, if i use those on a traithlon race (Half/Ironman or ironman) i sureley go out of fuel on the run part of the race. Is there a way that represents more effectively where i stand as a triathlete or it has it’s only good for the cycling side? thank you

For Triathletes, managing your fuel stores and training to reduce the impact of slow-recovery fatigue is very important. Our Lower Threshold Power metric, which is the same as your 3-hour power, makes a great training and improvement target as this is what your Threshold Power reduces to after many hours of riding/running. This together with your Threshold Power are key. Secondarily, if your triathlon races are very technical with many short hills and turns, HIE becomes important too and it becomes a bit of a trade off between increasing LTP/TP and increasing HIE, since your HIE is what helps with the technical sections but is also what is affected the most from slow-recovery fatigue. Thank you!