I’m new on Xert. It seems very good. The proposed trainings are they only to be done on a home trainer? Can thy be executed on the road?

Hi Luc,

They can be completed on an indoor trainer or out on the road. Also, check out our video on riding to XSS/Focus based on the advice of XATA:

Problem I see is: the proposed workouts are very detailed: x1 seconds on wattage y1, then x2 seconds on wattage y2; and so on. How can you execute this on the road (you have to stop, there are climbs …)? On an indoor trainer: no problem.

Hi Luc,

Our SMART workouts (available via the Garmin Workout Player) have this in mind. They adjust the intensity and/or the duration of intervals based on how they are executed. Otherwise, what I often do when performing workouts outdoors is to use the Garmin data fields and ride to Focus/XSS prescribed by XATA.

Now I begin to understand. At this moment I use a Mio-gpx. But I will change to a Garmin in the near future.