Trainingpeaks workouts to xert

Is there a way for me to have the daily workouts I have saved in trainingpeaks to automatically show up in xert? I would like the option of either doing one of my training peaks workouts or the suggested xert workout. Doing manually is horrible with the shear volume of workouts I have in my library. I know on my Lezyne GPS is will show the training peaks workouts I have planned for today and that feature is really great.

Not automatic, but see these import instructions –
Workout Import and SMART Conversion Tool – Xert (
Accepts ERG, MRC or ZWO files; up to 20 at a time.
They will be added to your Personal folder and are accessible in filtered searches as well as suggested workout lists if they meet XATA guidelines.
You can also spice things up during import and “SMARTify” them. :wink:
If you have some favorites mark them as such as they’ll be listed for drag and drop on the Planner.

You will probably find that the hardest part is getting your completed Xert workouts to show up back in TrainingPeaks. There are some non-free tools like FitnessSyncer that might help but I just dual-record the Xert workouts on a regular bike computer and save that.