Training with Garmin fields

Just really checking I understand…

If you would like to train outdoors using the Garmin fields and not the Xert IQ app, then I assume the major fields would be focus and TTE, and then the power level you can hold for the focus period.

You have togo to your XATA on the web browser to get the focus and the interval target - you can not get this on the iOS app [only focus is on the screen currently]

The start ridding and see how many times \ hold long you can hold the approx. power level…

Does this process seem approx. correct ??

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I have found that trying to follow a workout outdoors, is next to impossible. Likewise, focus will be hard to follow / complete as prescribed too.

I usually override the advisor and pick a not too complicated workout - interval-wise - that is close in XSS (and focus, if possible) and memorize that. Or stick a note to my tube.

On my Garmin, I use MPA / Power, TTE / TTR, XSS / XEP and Focus / Strain.

If doing workouts outdoors is going to be a regular, i.e. daily, routine, you should try to find an area where you can ride without traffic, or on a track. If you can, you should then probably use the (Garmin) Xert Player.


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I have a commute to work, that is a trail 90% of the way. Just like having the Garmin screens, maps, weather etc available and additionally the Xert fields set up - MPA / Power, TTE / TTR, XSS / XEP and Focus / Strain. - as you suggest.

Just was wondering if you can just read the line -

Focus Type : GC Specialist (Focus: 07:55 | Interval Targets: 248W)

and put the 248W TTE, then try do 8min intervals…


The 7:55 does not represent the duration of the workout or intervals. It represents that longest duration you would be able to sustain for the Interval (Power) Targets shown. Your actual intervals probably look different. For instance, I now have

Endurance (Focus: 32:45 | Interval Targets: 288W)

but my advised workout is XSS is coming to town! (