Training status - why red and then jumps to blue?

I’ve just started the trial period and now there are some questions.
Why is my training status red for the last couple of days? Activities are commuting rides every day, 25 km in the morning and 25 km in the evening, about 70 minutes each. As there are no power meters on my commuter bikes XSS was set/estimated with 50 after reading FAQ (they are in REKOM HF zone). Beside that there are two road bike rides with power meter and some runs with XSS estimation. I’ve load the whole last year from Strava and edited XSS for last three months, so data should be “ok”.
For today planner then shows blue status indicator, so jumps from red yesterday to blue today.
For Friday it shows green and then jumps to detraining next Monday. Weird to me.
How/why has it been calculated like this?
[Screenshot-2018-3-26 Xert Power Training and Analytics Fitness Planner](screenshot2018326xertpowertrainingandanalyticsfitnessplanner. png)

Also posted in FB as pictures are not uploading :frowning: