Training Status Time Poll

Curious how you all set your As Of Time - Early AM or Late Eve and why?


Sounds good - we can build a poll for that :slight_smile:

  • Early Morning
  • Mid-Day
  • Late Afternoon
  • End of Day

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thanks - curious as to the “why” - any benefits one way or the other?


8am setting.

For my weekend rides, that’s an average time of when I start. Nice to see how Xert thinks I’m doing at ride start.

For workday rides, sometimes I’m going before work, sometimes after. and while it might change and recover a bit during the day, there’s usually enough other stress from work during the day that I’ll still feel about the same later.

Though the 8am timing is annoying when dealing with scheduled workouts on the planner. Most of those are trainer rides, which are done after work. But when you go to the planner after your Set Time, the workout is gone as it has ‘expired’. Took me awhile to realize that if I have ‘Select Workout Automatically’ turned OFF, I can still see the scheduled workout under the Training tab.