Training status = red; tomorrow high intensity training

How can it be: the training status is red - and I am suggested a high intensity training for tomorrow?

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Your form changes from hour to hour and by 6:37pm the following day has moved from Red (v. tired) to Blue (fresh).
You will notice a difference in recommendations if you modify the Start time for an activity and are on the cusp of a form change.


It is not unusual when you reach 4+ stars status level to quickly recover from HIT workouts depending on their Difficulty level and duration. I.e. go from Red to Blue skipping Yellow (tired).
For example, the 208 pt Polar GC Specialist activity was Moderate Difficulty (2-1/2 diamonds, ~67 XSS/hr).
Had that been 4+ diamond Difficulty activity with 75+XSS/hr and/or much longer than you usually ride, form would have required a longer recovery period and gone to Yellow the following day.


thanks for your explanation