Training status mismatch on planner

On my training status I’m red. I rode a lot this week. On the planner however, it’s blue.

Most of the time I think the planner has been in sync but today it’s off. I guess it’s not that big of a deal because I can always choose the workout I feel will benefit me. However, there is a mismatch between suggested activities in the training page vs the activity created if I choose to fill in the suggested activity on the planner. Training will digest a recovery ride and the planner will suggest a workout.

Bug? Which is right?

It will be down to a timing difference between the planner and the setting you have set for your “Training Advice/Status As Of” option. It’s not an issue or a bug and BOTH are right.

I was kind of thinking that. That’s why I waited till almost the end of the day before posting. My time of is set to the default 11:59. I posted around 11 my time. Maybe I didn’t wait quite long enough lol.

Was your last ride (or planned ride if you have those in the calendar) after 11:59 (am / 24hr time) by chance?

No my last activity was the day before at 10:00 am. So it was 35 hours (ish) after activity when I was still seeing the mismatch.

Ok… and after 11:59 you still had the mismatch? That would be odd as it should be as @oldcyclist65 says I.e planner based on ‘training status / advice time as of’ time, and the current training / XATA recommendations based on now… after 11:59 I’d expect both to blue assuming there are no planned workouts in there distorting things

Yeah the whole day there was a mismatch. Today it’s back in sync. I put a scheduled workout in the planner at one point to see what it would suggest and then removed it. Idk if that changed anything later on but it didn’t at the time I tested it.

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I’ve actually had a lot more days out of sync. Yesterday for instance, it said today would be blue on the planner. I didn’t ride yesterday but I had done a workout on Saturday. Today, the panner said blue but my status on the training bar was still yellow. I just did the yellow recommended workout. I’m still yellow on the training status after doing the workout and the planner is still blue for today. I’ve checked back a number of times when this has happened to see if it goes back in sync later in the day but thus far, I’ve never actually seen them change during the day at a certain time. The best it’s seems to get is when I go back blue tomorrow and the planner is also blue. But it seems more often if I do a workout that turns me to yellow that the planner is out of sync for a couple days.