Training Status & Form since the update

Since the update (or maybe i’ve modified something) it seems the algorithme doesn’t makes me tired even if i had some stressfull activites.

Have you change somehing?
Is there any impact if my outdoors activities on strava are not public?

Thanks by advance for your answer

Hi Cedric,

We haven’t changed anything with how training status is calculated - the update was visual only. Maybe you can share the Focus & XSS of your recent activities.

Keep in mind that you will only reach tired status if you accumulate High/Peak XSS. If you’re only doing endurance focused workouts, your training status can only be fresh/very fresh or very tired. HTH!

Hi Mano,

How can i share it with you?
I’ve DL a CSV but i do not find the way to send it to you

Thanks by advance