Training Status & Form says fresh, my body says tired

I have found Training Status & Form to be pretty accurate in the past as far as tracking my form but recently even after several “hard” rides it continues to say I’m fresh even though I am clearly tired. I suspect form is based on my estimated FTP so maybe that is the problem (my FTP being too high)? I can’t keep up with the recommended workouts at this rate. I am using a moderate improvement rate, FYI. Thanks.

Kevin. The algorithm uses your XSS data in establishing your training load and for classifying your numbers as “Fresh” or “Tired”. These are merely classifications of the data and should be used as such and not as a reflection of what you are feeling. You should always consider your own feelings of freshness and readiness to train first and foremost.

Having an FTP that’s too high will underestimate real fatigue.

Thanks Armando. I’m really enjoying Xert!