Training Status & Form is "blue" and Xert Training Pacer is "red" -- huh?

I don’t get it. How can today’s status (from Training Status & Form) be blue =fresh and Tomorrow’s (Xert training pacer) be Red?
I did an activity yesterday, but haven’t today…

dont you have scheduled workout tommorrow?

yah…i finally got it sorted after digging through the half dozen forum posted and blogs and then deleting and adding in the workouts…what is odd is that any workout seems to send it into the red, but whatever. I’ll trust in the algorithm

If your usual training time is set before the training you did on day 1, you might still be tired the next day. If you set your training time after the trainingtime on day 1, you will probably get a red status for day 1 and yellow or blue on day 2. Xert takes your fatigue into account per hour, or maybe per minute.


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If your form is borderline yellow/red (or blue/red), then it is entirely possible that any ride will send you into the red for a day. Feel free to use the Freshness Feedback to adjust the freshness the following day (if needed).

I’ve been using Whoop as well. Since Whoop is always recording all my activities, You made me realize i could use it to adjust the freshness feedback based on my Whoop recovery - hoping that small adjustment helps Xert plan my training even better!
Thanks for the tips

We have many athletes that use HRV data to tweak the XATA recommendations! Using the Whoop will definitely help you out and make sure you avoid training too hard (or too easy :wink: )