Training Status/Form different on Advisor Screens vs Progression Charts

With the conversion to the new interface there appears to be a “glitch in the matrix” On my XPMC progression charts, my Form is Fresh (blue) and my status is trained…on the new Advisor screen I am listed as Very Tired (Red) and recreational. The XPMC chart is more consistent with what I have been seeing in the last several weeks.

I saw a similar thing this morning. Red one minute then blue the next.

This should happen normally as you recover. It may have just been an timing thing. (Steve) Send us a picture of what the discrepancy is. We’ll check it out. Thanks.

I also went “overnight” from “trained”to “recreational” not only currently but the status changed for past days.

My status also changed for all previous days. I was a steady “trained” and now is down to “recreational” (bumped back to “trained” today after a nice hard club ride)

Why the status/form in the XPMC chart are different than in the fitness planner? the colours in the fitness planner make more sense to me.

Planner is as of midnight.