Training Status & Form – Always tired, very tired or recovery?

Hmmmhh… I track my recovery state by HRV (500 Hz 1-channel ECG) and by my own observations. They tell me a complete different story.
I find it very very irritating/discouraging to get told all the time that I’m tired, very tired or should focus on recovery.

Is there a way to disable this feature?

Ignore it I suppose. Im on a heavy block of work and in the same boat. However in the timescale I’ve listed I’ve been ill and had a long ride with extended recovery so this will skew the results I expect. Was Ok until I uploaded yesterdays and todays rides and this knocked my back into the red which seems correct if i consider the profile. So 1 day tipping the results suggests I’m close to have enough/accurate data for this feature to be now worth considering. I was really pushing to finish the last 90s today and was on the edge, sitting in front of my computer I feel rested and fresh. Wouldn’t want to do my local 10% hill though

Thanks for sharing your experience/thoughts, Micheal. I’m trying to ignore it, but I’m that type of guy who will (after long while enough) start to think he’s shit, when he’s surround by tons of people who constantly tell me, that I’m shit. :joy:

If you talk yourself down then it hard to succeed. I had recovery status for 3 weeks now it’s working better but just think I need more data without significant holes i.e. Illness and riding too hard and needing to recover

I have uploaded tons of workouts. Don’t think it’s an data issue. I guess the method/algorithm needs to be tuned. Anyway… habe found a temporary solution. Blocked it ( with my AdBlocker. :joy:

Does your XPMC show red or just Training Status?

XPMC too. It says -23.6

And it has been red and yellow for sometime? What is your TL? The algorithm compares your RL with your TL and if you’re pushing much more XSS than your TL consistently (i.e. always having yellow or red) this means that you should be tired. Overloading like this is ok for a short period (desirable in fact) and will make TL rise more rapidly. If you continue this over longer periods, you may want to play a bit more closer attention to affects of fatigue. Great that you’re using HRV for recovery. This can be a very good method to track your current recovery demands.

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Has been yellow for a while. TL is 102.1 and RL is 125.7. I track and train by HRV since 2.5 years; many experimenting during this time, know exactly when too much is too much. Will continue to have an look on the numbers.

Boris, if you don,t mind my asking, which HRV do you use? Thanks!

I have tried several tools, ways and possibilities… but found the Vitalmonitor very reliable; small company from Austria, works with a proprietary 500Hz 1-channel ECG chest belt.

But… everyone is different. What works for me, may not work for you. And vice versa.


Thanks Boris, I’ve been using a free App HRVelite with a polar h7. it appears to " work" , but you never know…