Training Status and Form

Hello people, how XERT calculates the freshness?
Sunday i did a GrandFondo , i did 248 minutes whit 339 XXS, at the end xert calculates that i was very tired (TRUE) , but monday tell me that i was fresh (Blue) but i know that i need more recovery time. how this is possible, 24 hours next i go from very tired to fresh

You can use the slide to alter when your stars turn blue or green again in the planner. If you want a metric for recovery I recommend getting a wearable such as WHOOP which measures your heartrate and heart rate variability and can give you feedback about your sleep, strain and recovery. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and think it is trustworthy.

For athletes that have a high Training Load (3 or more Training Status stars), by virtue of having this high Training Load, you can recover more quickly and continue to sustain that load. This is even more true if you have a solid base foundation (your have a large lower Training Load accumulation). After an activity that is mostly low intensity, once your high and peak systems recover, your status becomes fresh indicating that your recovery load has come down sufficiently for that status.

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