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So, I made a decision at the start of all this virus thing to stay off the intensity completely and to try and maintain my existing Training Load although not bother if it reduces. I’ve changed my Rider Type to Triathlete and I’m in the Base Phase of my programme. I’ve noticed however that virtually all of the Training Recommendations have a significant amount of intensity in them despite all that. Is this because there is virtually NO intensity in my recent history and that If I did some the recommendations then they would revert to below TP workouts? If not why are all the recommendations intense workouts?
PS I hope everyone is coping OK with all the restrictions and that if anyone catches the virus it is only a mild case.

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You currently have a high TL? I would expect that no matter which phase you’re in, although it will count towards the recommendations, you would get workouts that try to get as much XSS in them in the shortest period available…

Not sure if that’s why and I might be wrong, but that would make sense to me anyway :sunglasses: Can you see what happens if you pick longer workouts manually?

Training load is just over 100 and all blue stars.

Move your freshness slider to the left, this will inform the adviser you are feeling tired and as a result it will prescribe endurance workouts.

IR? I’m trying to figure it out, as my target date (April 11) went down the drain like it did for many others, so I put myself back in Base, with the same profile and a Moderate IR. However, I had to move the feedback slider to +25 to get to Blue. I have a TL of 112 and 4 (now blue stars), my Training Pacer is in the light blue zone, with a 205 XSS surplus.

I now get this:

Thanks but I’m just trying to understand the reasoning behind it. My impression is that during a base period you don’t really want to be burning lots of carbs and producing a lot of lactate in the process.

But isn’t that relative to where you are now? I.e. you don’t mind if your TL slips, but Xert doesn’t know that.

I guess it tries to help you improve, your current status being the baseline.

Trying to speculate the best that I can here based on what I know about how the system works. My top thought is that we don’t have enough high XSS workouts in the system to get you the XSS that XATA wants, so it’s using intensity as a substitute for duration to meet the XSS quota. Intensity does give high/peak XSS, but it also accelerates the rate at which low XSS is accumulated. Also, by recommending some intensity, it’s trying to help prevent the loss of your high/peak TL’s. So you might be okay keeping 1 HIIT session in per week.

We may need to add in more 150+ XSS endurance workouts to the list, or you can simply ride to accumulate the XSS using Zwift, RoadGrandTours, etc.

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