Training Program phases for endurance athlete type?


I’m currently in the start of the Base phase. My target date is in mid June, and I’m preparing for 8 day mtb marathon event. So I have specified as target athlete type “Century rider”. In the glossary page with the explanation of the training program phases I saw that typically it starts with endurance workouts, i.e. with prolonged focus workouts. Then through out the phases the focus shortens and shortens, until it matches the target athlete type. This is ok if my target athlete type is with short focus. But what about my case - with target type that is focused on 2 hour power. Will the adaptive trainer advisor suggest through all phase all my workout be of endurance type? I’m just curious…

Thanks in advance!

Essentially this is true. Have a look at our latest FAQ on how to select your Athlete Type. You’ll see that many events fall into other categories. This will also make for much more varied training.